Steve Sie – Ollie North Footplant to Fakie

I wanted to initiate my posts to this new site with this, my latest photo of somebody riding. This makes sense  to me because I want this site to serve, not only as a replacement for my previous artist profile page, but also as a continuation of it. Therefore, it makes sense to start right where I left off. Regardless of continuity however, I probably would have chosen this photo anyway.

Skateboarding is a very physical activity for the person on the board, and is a very visual activity for spectators. Each trick serves as an individually unique form of physical art, that varies from performance to performance, and realistically only lasts for no more than a fraction of a second. As I have grown, both as a skateboarder myself, and as a photographer, I have come to appreciate creative and quirky tricks such as this, as opposed to what would traditionally be considered difficult or good. This is because something altogether unique generally carries a more visually pleasing aesthetic than something that everybody else is also trying to do. Whether this is because I haven’t seen this often, or ever, or whether it’s because tricks like this require more of a developed and personal style, I can’t say. I can say, however, that the right rider can make even something as simple as an ollie, look incredible.

That is something I love about skateboarding.

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